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What Are Malinois Dogs Bred For?

Guard Dogs

Belgian Malinois dogs make for exceptional guard dogs. With their high intelligence and alertness they are very adept to keeping your family protected and safe.

Service Dogs

Belgian Malinois dogs have been used for all kinds of service. Starting with service in World War I, Malinois have been used in everything from seeing eye dogs, to drug dogs, to fugitive tracking.

Competition Dogs

Belgian Malinois are perfect for competitions. Their high intelligence and sensitivity to training make them quick learners and a high energy drive means they’re eager to play.

Herding Dogs

Belgian Malinois dogs were originally bred as sheepherders. Their energy and exercise needs means they can handle being in the fields for hours watching and tending to the herds.

About Our Belgian Malinois Puppies

My name is Keith. My wife, Marilyn, and I raise Belgian Malinois puppies. We’ve been breeding these beautiful dogs for 3 years.

It started with our male Simba and has grown to include several other dogs as a part of our family that now we can share with yours.

All our dogs are sold registered, de-wormed, vaccinated, and socialized with other dogs.

If you’re looking for an intelligent dog to become a loyal and hardworking companion for your family we invite you to check out our puppies.

About Our Puppies Parents

Ziva - Female

Ziva is trained in both personal protection and detection work. She’s extremely loyal and does best one on one with a very high ball drive. She just doesn’t get along very well with other female dogs.

Simba - Male

Simba is our guard dog. A black malinois trained in personal protection, he sleeps with us every night. With his extremely high ball drive, you couldn’t ask for a better guard dog.

Rina - Female

Imported from Mexico, Rina is the best ranch dog you could ever ask for, and is always by my side. She’s very protective of her family but does great with other dogs.

Vika - Female

Imported from Europe, Vika is the layback and chill girl of the bunch. She has a low ball drive and loves to interact with people one on one.

Shorayah - Female

Imported from Mexico, Shorayah is everyone’s best friend. She gets along great with dogs and people and has a medium ball drive.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Belgian Malinois

Are Belgian Malinois good guard dogs?

Yes they are. Guarding is one of the primary purposes for this breed of dog. They are extremely loyal and protective of their families.

Are Belgian Malinois good pets?

Absolutely. Malinois make for great companions and additions to your family. However, their high energy and sensitivity means they may not be right for families in small apartments or families that aren’t familiar with how to train dogs.

Are Belgian Malinois hard to train?

Not necessarily. They are not recommended for people who aren’t familiar with training animals, because they are very sensitive and do not respond well to hard training techniques. They prefer positive reinforcement, patience, and lots of play. 

Do Belgian Malinois shed?

Yes. They shed heavily twice a year. It’s recommended they be groomed fairly regularly to keep the loose fur from building up.

How much do Belgian Malinois cost?

All of our puppies are $2,850.

How long do Belgian Malinois live?

The average life span of a Belgian Malinois is 11 to 13 years.

How big to Belgian Malinois get?

A Belgian Malinois usually gets between 22 and 26 inches tall and can weigh between 40 to 70 pounds.